E-Collar Series Teaser / by Kyle Ricks


Entry Level Teaser

Our first E-Collar blog post will cover "Entry Level" E-Collars which are ~$200 or less. These are collars we feel will meet the needs of someone buying their first E-Collar that has 1 or 2 dogs. We'll also touch on what is an E-Collar? How is it used? Do I need one?

While we have not finished our full write up just yet, we have compiled our list of collars that we'll be reviewing and wanted to let you do a little of your own checking them out and see if you come to some of the same conclusions as us.

Entry Level Collars

  • Garmin Delta XC - Link Here
  • Garmin Delta Sport XC - Link Here
  • SportDOG FieldTrainer 425 - Link Here
  • Dogtra iQ Plus Remote Trainer - Link Here
  • Dogtra 200C - Link Here
  • DT Systems R.A.P.T. - Link Here or Here
  • DT Systems Micro-iDT PLUS  - Link Here