New "Dog Stuff" Blog Series / by Kyle Ricks

Here at Steady to Wing, we're dedicated to breeding the finest hunting dogs possible, and due to our presence within the hunting dog community, we frequently get asked our opinion about various hunting dog related products. I usually answer with a particular product I like or use, and at times recommend steering away from certain products I've had a particularly bad experience with.

The more I've thought about this particular exchange with my customers, the more I've felt this would make a great Blog post that could be really helpful for you and your new puppy.

With that said, Steady to Wing is excited to announce our new "Dog Stuff" Blog series, which will be dedicated to presenting our opinions related to hunting dog related products that we believe are worthwhile and useful (I'm not reviewing dog toys or pink studded collars...) My hope is that it will be entertaining and informative and help you pick the right "Stuff" (products) to make your life easier and make your Steady to Wing puppy the best it can be (Sorry, I had to get the shameless plug in there).

As E-Collars seem to be asked about a lot, I'm going to start with those. I intend to do the series as a three or four part series with a post dedicated to Entry Level (below $200), Mid/Advanced Level (~$200-$400), and Professional Level ($400 +), with a possible additional post for other related collars (GPS, Bark, etc...). My goal is to post a section a week starting with the Entry Level post on June 4.

Stay tuned!